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Experience Matters

Part of being an educated consumer is seeking out experienced providers for all of your medical care.

Since 1990, eye surgeon Dr. John Wright has performed
over 36,000 LASIK procedures. He was the first eye surgeon in Southern Colorado to perform refractive surgery and was the first ophthalmologist in Colorado to use the Excimer laser for the correction of myopia.

Because of this experience, he has been recognized in the
Top 1% of refractive surgeons in the nation.

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Patient Referrals & Testimonials

The vast majority of patients having surgery at The Wright Eye Center are referred by a family member, loved one or their primary eye care doctor.
Their confidence in our abilities serves as a quiet reinforcement that our commitment to quality patient care & leading edge technology has not gone unnoticed. With the level of former patients sending us their loved ones and so many distinguished doctors putting their own reputation on the line to recommend us, you can be sure that The Wright Eye Center is the right choice in Southern Colorado.

"Dr. Wright and his thoroughly outstanding team of professionals did the very best job that could be offered by modern medicine!" ~ Patient Testimonial

"This is the most professionally-run office I have ever seen. The attention you give patients is unbelievable." ~ Patient Testimonial

"From the check-in time 'til the time to go home, everyone was at their very best. I have shared my experience with others and am highly recommending your center." ~ Patient Testimonial

“I think there’s nothing to improve because I am very happy with your services.” ~ Patient Testimonial

“I felt safe and welcomed the minute I walked through the door. I knew it would be a good experience. It was.” ~ Patient Testimonial

“Everyone was very nice and made me feel relaxed. Thank you.” ~ Patient Testimonial

“You have an excellent system!” ~ Patient Testimonial

“You were all very professional, and it was a pleasure to have been taken care of by you.” ~ Patient Testimonial

“Please continue as you are. I was very pleased with all aspects of my visits.” ~ Patient Testimonial

“It was an outstanding operation, and you have a great staff. I will strongly recommend your business to my friends.” ~ Patient Testimonial

"Thank you for your care and concern. I am so pleased with the results of my surgery. I can see again!” ~ Patient Testimonial

“I was impressed by the professionalism of ALL the staff. Everyone was friendly and approachable, too. Thank you!” ~ Patient Testimonial

“I have never had a more professional/empathetic approach to healthcare. Eye surgery is a scary thing, and my fears were alleviated at every turn.” ~ Patient Testimonial

“Dr. Wright and all the staff are professional, courteous, patient, and caring. I was amazed at the outcome of both cataract surgeries. I never imagined I could ever see this well.” ~ Patient Testimonial

“Everything was the best ever. I love this place…I feel so comfortable there.” ~ Patient Testimonial


At The Wright Eye Center, our dedication to leading edge technology and breakthrough surgical techniques is surpassed only by our commitment to personal quality patient care.

Our commitment to quality patient care begins with your first phone call and continues with your initial consultation, pre-operative evaluation, surgery and your post-operative recovery.
We take great pride in making certain there are no surprises by explaining every phase of your examination & surgery process. Our staff is specially trained to answer all of your questions, so please don’t be afraid to share your concerns or questions with them during your visit.


One of the most important components of any laser vision correction procedure is the type of laser used to perform the procedure.

We were also the first center in our region to offer multiple laser technologies for the diverse needs of our patients. In October of 2002, we became the first laser center in Southern Colorado offering IntraLASIK, the bladeless approach to LASIK.
Dr. Wright’s commitment to the most advanced technology has helped us to achieve the best results possible for our patients.